Any attempt to describe the music of Jonathan Best is bound to fall short. Equal parts Gospel tenor, boogie-woogie piano, and avant-garde sound collage, his music spans cultures and idioms with ease and it’s this element, perhaps more than any other, that has helped to establish Best as a local musician with a "must-see" live show." -Susan DeFreitas, Zene Magazine. "Imagine the intensity of Jerry Lee Lewis's piano playing with the deliberate onstage deliberations of Badly Drawn Boy and the avant-garde experiments of (insert favorite found-sound avant-garde artist here...) and you've got an idea just how quirky and fascinating his performances are." -Tony Fletcher, Jonathan Best's music defies genres but is something like "avant-garde boogie-woogie," both self-revealing and socially conscious, equally silly and serious, and unlike anything else one is likely to see around these parts. His emphasis on sampling, found items, audience involvement, and intimate settings creates a quasi-mystical experience, while his sheer honesty and genuine humility generate a sense of recognition and kinship. In short, Jonathan Best is a musical innovator who deploys his talents in a spirit of community and celebration, not for fame and commercialism as is often the case these days. -Randall Amster, producer of the TV series 'The Artist Mind'

Takes some getting used to - Eric Shepard, Rockland Journal News. Jonathan Best Beats the sounds of Mozart - F. Stoneback, EAR New Music Magazine. Jonathan Best He was jammin' & body slammin' - Patterson College Beacon. Jonathan Best Effective and highly engaging - Robert Carlberg, Electronic Musician Magazine. Jonathan Best Piu un tastierista bravissimo - di Giacomo Pellicciotti, la Repubblica, Milano, Italy. Jonathan Best performing another of his amazing solo looping Young Einstein meets The Beatles in the back of Michael J Fox's Delorean - Newt Lynn, Raven Cafe. Jonathan Best - Had a crowd of 100 mesmerized - Bob Weinstein, New York Newsday. Jonathan Best - A psychedelic Funk Freak - Michael Herndon, Village Voice

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photo by John Seaman